Snowballs In Hell

With the first game of the National league Championship Series, winter ball began.Murdoch forbid that we should have a  day game with hope for some sun, that annoying thing that dominated so much of the Royals-Blue Jays game earlier that same day. Murdoch forbid that we should compete with the three or four dozen college football games being televised that Saturday.

When the base runners are blowing on their fingers, it ain’t really baseball weather. Also, when the game is scheduled so that the ninth inning is probably going to be played at near midnight Eastern time, it becomes an adults only affair even on a Saturday night.

Yes, it can still be a good, well played game, especially if it isn’t snowing or raining. But by limiting the number of people able to enjoy the so called national pastime on TV, and by arranging the schedule to please television executives and advertising reptiles who prefer football, baseball is hurting itself in the long run.  The people watching are more limited to those who have been following the teams involved all season and will put up with crappy playing conditions while curious, new potential viewers of all ages may end up wondering what all the fuss is about. As for those wealthy enough to attend the game in person, it can’t be entirely pleasant even if their team wins.

Ski masks on baseball players are much more acceptable in April than in post season when the games are so important.

There were 12 college football games being televised at noon eastern time alone. Why not play those games at night in bad weather the way football was meant to be played anyway? I know the answer. I just don’t like it.

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