What’s Your Hurry? Here’s Your Hat

Okay, let’s get this miserable thing over with. They are ready for hockey in Pittsburgh. The San Diego Padres did what all bright, far sighted management teams have always done. They broomed their field boss. The home run and strikeout totals are farcical beyond even the so called Steroid Era. The commissioner has become so adept at spinning caca la baca that he could be a White House press secretary. Detroit and Baltimore have been relegated to the International League. The San Francisco Giants used 13 pitchers in one game the other day.

Alright already, there have been some good things. Out of all the names of outfielders that Farhan Zaidi pulled out of his hat to audition for the Giants this season, one of them, Mike Yastrzemski, was a good one. It was truly heart warming to see the 28 year old rookie walking the field in Boston with his grandpa and Carl Yastrzemski made a damned good honorary first pitch. Of course, the Giants also brought back a couple of early rejects after September 1, Mike Gerber and Chris Shaw, so their fans could watch them strike out a few more times, but it’s been that kind of a year. It’s also been good to see the Atlanta Braves develop into a strong team again, a great mixture of youth and Josh Donaldson and Freddie Freeman and Nick Markakis. They still need to lose the “chop” before they start building another stadium, though. Minnesota surprised the hell out of a lot of people, especially me, and new success is always enjoyable to witness. If the Twins advance in the playoffs, will all those balls still be leaving the yard as winter approaches? Terry Francona won’t let anyone drive a wooden stake through Cleveland’s chances very easily, but losing Jose Rivera might have been fatal. I do appreciate the St. Louis Cardinals. As is normal under Bob Melvin, the Oakland Athletics are admirable.

Once the playoffs start, I’ll be likely to regain some enthusiasm as the dismal dark hours of no ball at all threaten to darken the sky. This has, however, been a tough slog. I will need to find a team to root for. It won’t be the Dodgers or the Yankees. I do appreciate Aaron Boone, though.

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