A-Rod the Soothsayer

What did you think, the Mets were chopped liver? Come on! This is New York, buddy. Those starting pitchers are all Tom Seaver. At least for a few innings. And David Wright, you thought he was done,dinja? We’ll show those cowtown fakers who’s real.

We have seen many games delayed by inclement weather and a few by fights or near riots, but now, for the first time, we have seen a game delayed because Fox lost power, which probably means electricity. It’s a good thing that they start the games so early in the day. I figure it was either the Islamic state or LGBT people pissed off at Daniel Murphy. We were spared Joe Buck for a while.
You have to love the way that the Kansas City fellows play the game. The only thing missing from their arsenal is East coast hype. The Mets, however, have many good weapons available, now including Juan Uribe. It’s difficult to understand why Juan Lagares isn’t in center field every game but Terry Collins usually appears to know what he’s doing. Curtis Granderson is playing the best ball of his life, Wright is an inspiration, and Yoenis Cespedes truly has transformed the lineup almost single handedly, but the final verdict may come down to the fact that the Royals’ bullpen is stronger and deeper.
Meanwhile, isn’t it gratifying to know that no game henceforth shall proceed without the sterling pronouncements of Buck, A-Rod,Peckerhead, and the ever pertinent Erin Andrews? I know, the official reason given was that they would be without the replay analysis so vital to today’s game. But isn’t that why God made carrier pigeons?

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